Used Circle Y 17" Long Ear Mule Flex2 Trail 9212-SP1158-8701-04-1 Medium Mule Bar

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Serial # 20173895

Specifically designed for a mule, it features Circle Y's innovative Flex2 tree technology. It conforms to the mule's back while providing rider weight distribution and is light weight. Extra attachments to tie all your gear to. Saddle has been cleaned and conditioned. Apache seat for grip while giving you that western oil look. Softee fenders and seat jockeys. A-Fork swell. Darker areas on the saddle from use and wear, but this saddle is still in nice shape!


  • SEAT - 17"
  • BAR - Medium Mule Bar
  • COLOR - Walnut
  • TREE - Flex2
  • SWELL - 10"
  • CANTLE - 5"
  • SKIRT - 26" Round
  • RIGGNG - 3-Way Adjustable In-Skirt
  • WEIGHT - 26 lbs