Tucker 17.5" Horizon Wanderer Trail 295-721-5218-22 Wide Bar

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We all want to look great and be comfortable while we're sitting in the saddle, and the Wanderer is perfect for that. The Horizon series Wanderer is designed with a 2" wider seat pocket combined with a flatter seat rise to give the rider a more generous seat, perfect for larger riders. We think your horse should be just as comfortable as you. If you want unbelievable comfort in the saddle for you and your horse, a Tucker Horizon saddle is the answer!

More Saddle Details:

  • SEAT/BAR - 17.5" / Wide Bar 7"
  • COLOR - Brown
  • TREE - Fiberglass Reinforced-DURAhide Covered
  • SWELL - 14.5"
  • CANTLE - 5"
  • SKIRT - 26"
  • RIGGING - In-Skirt Western
  • WEIGHT - 33 lbs