Tucker 16.5" Pine Ridge Mule Trail 289-621-9111-14 Medium Bar

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Tucker has designed the Pine Ridge to properly fit typical mule conformation. Mules are favored for their smarts on the trail, so let Tucker help you properly saddle fit him so he's comfortable mile after mile. Additional dees for breeching or to tie your gear and reinforced crupper dee make this saddle an ideal choice for your next long ride. The Pine Ridge mule saddle has an A-fork swell with a 5" cantle and semi-round skirt shape. Apache leather seating on brown colors. Patented Gel-Cush Shock Absorbing seat gives your hours of comfort.

More Saddle Details:

  • SEAT/BAR - 16.5" / Medium Bar 6 3/4"
  • COLOR - Brown
  • TREE - Mule
  • SWELL - 13"
  • CANTLE - 5"
  • SKIRT - 25" Round
  • RIGGING - Adjustable Position
  • WEIGHT - 25 lbs