High Horse El Campo Cordura Trail 6970 Gaited

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16" Serial # 20213468

The 6970 El Campo Cordura Gaited Trail saddle has a gaited tree specially designed for a gaited horse to allow your horse freedom of movement. Features Cordura® rounded skirts and fenders for a lighter weight. Rear angled dee is combined with adjustable position rigging for versatile rigging adjustment that keeps your saddle secure over the roughest of terrain. Clip and dees at the front and back of the saddle have saddle strings to carry your gear. This low maintenance, lightweight saddle is perfect for your gaited horse. Take it straight to the trail!


  • SEAT - 16"
  • BAR - Medium Bar
  • COLOR - Walnut
  • TREE - High Horse DURAhide
  • SWELL - 13"
  • CANTLE - 4"
  • SKIRT - 25"
  • RIGGING - Adjustable Position Flat Plate
  • WEIGHT - 25 lbs